Transforming Individuals,
Groups and Organizations.

MovingSystems’ programs provide a deep learning experience by integrating principles of organization and leadership development with kinesthetic awareness, movement and mindfulness.  

Participant Outcomes:

What people say

The way that I’ve done things differently as a result of this work… it has definitely shifted the work I do with leaders.

This coursework was dynamic because it enables me to help facilitate courses I do within the organization and outside of the organization.  Helping leaders become present and to notice their own bodies, how they react to others and to outside stimuli and how to be more present, uninterrupted, more focused. All of the things that we need to be connected to others and to ourselves.

Genae Y.

In all my years of taking classes and going to trainings… this one stands out A big part of that is because it integrates the philosophy of the intellectual experience and the emotional and body experience… it was a full integration.

It’s useful in so many different ways and in so many different areas.

Liz D.