Our Approach  

Coaching and leadership programs for individuals, groups and organizations.

These programs ensure knowledge of the foundational competencies for leaders and coaches within organizational systems. We incorporate kinesthetic awareness, movement and mindfulness based approaches, as well as traditional coaching and organization models and theories in all of the work we do. This integration makes the work we do unique and it deepens the learning experience.

The practices we utilize are central to helping us, as coaches and leaders, to both broaden and deepen our awareness and attention. Our approach fosters a sharpened sense of how we use our mental models in everyday work life and expands what is available for observation, understanding and action.

Approach and beliefs that are the foundation of our work:

  • Our approach is a systemic one

  • The issues/problems and opportunities that exist in organizations do not exist independently of the dynamics of the system

  • Our approach assumes some very important values:

    • Coaching is a core leadership competency

    • Coaching establishes partnership between leaders and workers

    • Coaching imparts values of human dignity and respect, setting the standard for compassionate communication at all levels of an organization

Use of Self as a Coach

  • We believe in using the whole self to facilitate change; we lead and coach from the whole person (mind, body, spirit)

  • We share the belief that “The success of an intervention depends on the interior condition of the intervener”. (William O’Brien, CEO of Hanover Insurance. 1979-1991)

  • MovingSystems programs encourage coaches and leaders to understand their interior condition and to coach and lead with the careful use of that knowledge

Coaching as Holistic

  • As coaches and leaders, we are developing the whole person: mind, body, spirit

  • With more access to ourselves, we increase our ability to read our own and others’ signals; we expand what we are able to notice  in ourselves and others

  • MovingSystems programs help coaches and leaders to understand how quickly we project onto others our own assumptions and mental models

Additional Outcomes

  • Understand your strengths and areas of growth as a coach and a leader

  • Appreciation of and respect for the coaching/leading partnership

  • Shared responsibility in setting expectations and agreements

  • Awareness and appreciation for the value of embodiment and reflection

  • Practice key skills of coaching and leading: witnessing, listening, questioning and feedback

  • Foundational knowledge and understanding of coaching methodology, theory and competencies

  • Sense of how to use a coaching approach to shift organizational culture